Kelime Testi

1 - Bilgi Archaeologists found _______ proof that the Vikings had landed in North America and that document persuades the experts of their presence in North America.
2 - Bilgi The speech was _______ similar to the one given by the American President earlier this year.
3 - Bilgi Some early doctors, _______ Hippocrates, thought that diet and hygiene were important.
4 - Bilgi The lifestyle of poor people in Switzerland _______ contrasts to that of poor people in Poland and one can easily recognize the difference.
5 - Bilgi Cindy experienced _______ what conditions there were prior to the First World War and she reflected that on her first book since she had first-hand documents.
6 - Bilgi The exhaustion felt by new parents comes from the _______ disturbance of their sleep patterns and it seems that they haven’t slept for a long time.
7 - Bilgi What is _______ important in making a detailed research into the history of ancient tribes’ people is to bring their origins into light.
8 - Bilgi The book contains a number of photographs not _______ published.
9 - Bilgi Whereas the story of Beowulf seems childishly simple, it is told in a dignified and _______ way, so that it affects anybody who has read it.
10 - Bilgi December is a month when what is said and who you meet could have _______ consequences and that is why this month’s effect doesn’t pass for a short time.
11 - Bilgi In the course of the dragon story, the virtues _______ of a Germanic hero are summed up, either directly or indirectly.
12 - Bilgi In Antarctica, the ice had _______ melted and there was a pool of water on the table.
13 - Bilgi It is Christopher Marlowe that we meet the first of the great English dramatists of the Renaissance and there is not much about his life that we know for _______.
14 - Bilgi The colour black is _______ associated with mourning and it is for that reason that people wear black clothes in a funeral ceremony.
15 - Bilgi You can relax on the beach or _______ try the bustling town centre and you can choose one of these sections.
16 - Bilgi Magnetic board games can help _______ the boredom of long car journeys for kids.