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19 sorularda boş bırakılan yere uygun gelen kelime ya da ifadeyi işaretleyiniz.
In my opinion cats are -----------pets than dogs.
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Robin: Where are you going to spend your holiday this summer?
Sarah: I’m planning to go to Antalya because ---------.
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Tanya: --------?
Vicky: It is more crowded than I expected.
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Stacy: ------?
Susan: I have known him for years and I haven’t seen anything wrong with him yet.
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Terry: Why do you prefer wearing sport clothes?
Susan: Because -------.
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Salesman: Hi, --------?
Customer: I’m looking for a t-shirt.
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Salesman: What size are you, sir?
Customer: I --------.
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Saleswoman: That’s nice. --------?
Customer: Sure, changing rooms are over there.
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Customer: I like this tie, and I’ll buy it.
Shop assistant: OK, --------?
Customer: By cash.
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Verilen metinde numaralanmış cümlelerden anlam bütünlüğünü bozan cümleyi işaretleyiniz.
(I) Window-shopping is a kind of habit for some people. (II) These people spend ours looking at the goods without intending to purchase anything. (III) Window shoppers sometimes gaze at the shop windows because they are really interested in some goods. (IV) People sometimes face with expired products when they do online shopping. (V) Another reason they look at the windows that they are considering who they’II buy from when they decide to buy.
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11 ve 12inci soruları verilen metne göre cevaplayınız.

There are several reasons why I prefer online shopping. First of all, online stores have more product range than local stores. Secondly, they are never closed, so I can shop whenever I want. Another advantage of online shopping is that they sell at really low prices because they don’t have operating costs like water, electricity, heating and employees. And finally, I don’t need to drive to the stores, so I save on gas and parking bills as well.
The author prefers online shopping because --------.
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We can understand from the passage that -----------.
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