Tebrikler! Testin en başarılı üyesi Samet Aliçay 68 puan
1-4 sorularda boşluğa uygun gelen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.

Adam : Are you in the mood for a war film tonight?
Judy : ------I’m not into these kinds of movies. Because they are dull and frightening.
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John : -------?
Sam : I think every 4 years.
John : Oh, it’s a really long time.
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Terry : -------?
Ted : He is really easygoing, thoughtful and also polite. You must meet him. Terry : His first lesson is on Tuesday with us. I am going to meet then.
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Emma : Hi, Carmen.
Carmen : Hello, Emma. Do you know the new English teacher, Mrs. Davis?
Emma : Sure. She is very -------because she cares about our feelings and tries not to hurt us.
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My job is really difficult. You must be strong to do this job. You think “ it can be the actor who jumps of the burning skyscraper” while watching movies or TV series. But it is always one of my friends to assist the scene. No one knows our names. Who am I?
Yukarıda anlatılan meslek grubu seçeneklerden hangisidir?
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7-9 soruları aşağıdaki paragrafa göre cevaplayınız.

In my summer holiday, I will make a tour in Europe. First, I will go to England. There, I am going to see “London Eye” and “Big Ben”. They are in London, the capital. I will stay there for one week. So, I will have a chance to improve my English. Then, I will go to France. I will visit Eiffel Tower. It is in the capital city, Paris. Finally, I will go to Italy and there, I will visit Coliseum and Pisa Tower in the capital, Rome.
What is the capital city of France?
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He is going to improve his English because he is going to -------.
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It is stated in the passage that -------.
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10-12 soruları aşağıdaki paragrafa göre cevaplayınız.

Hi Martha, My name is Ayşe. Thanks for your lovely letter. I am happy to have a penpal in the U.S.A. First, I want to tell you something about me and my family. I am 16 years old like you. I am a student at a high school in Ankara. Going for a ride in nature, listening to music, watching series and movies are my hobbies. I am really into science fiction movies. My father Hasan operates on people because he is a surgeon at a hospital. He likes his job. My mother is Özlem and she is an architect. She is good at her job. Nihat is my brother. He is a university student. He plays drums in a band in his free time. We have a pet dog. Its name is Çiko. It’s very lovely. I can send you its photos later. That’s all for now.
Ayşe and Martha -------.
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Martha -------.
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According to the paragraph, which one is TRUE?
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